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  Publishing Your Contest Results
  Last Update: 2 June 2004

All sanctioned IAC contests will have their results posted on this web site.  To get your contest results published, do the following after the contest is over:
  1. Send the Official Results (signed paper and scoring disk) to IAC HQ as before to close out your contest sanction and get your fee refund, then ...
  2. ZIP (compress) the contest data from the scoring program.  Most Windows PC's today have some version of WinZIP or an equivalent program on them.  Using the Windows file browser (double click 'My Computer' on the desktop), navigate to the disk with the contest results on them.  If this is a floppy disk, it will most likely be on drive 'A:'.  Select all files there by using the 'Edit' -> 'Select All' menu.  Right click in the window and select 'WinZIP' -> 'Add to ZIP file'.  If you have some other data compression program, it will probably be different.
  3. Send the ZIP file to us for posting by sending an email to gbn@gndloop.org .  Include the ZIP file as an attachment.  Also include: (1) a list of the Chief Judges by category and (2) any pilots flying for a 'patch only' in your email ... this information is not included in the scoring program data.  Format of this information is not important as long as we have the data.
  4. If all else fails, just send a copy of the scoring disk with a list of the chief judges (a copy of the IAC  chief judge log is fine) and 'patch-only' pilots to:
George Norris
2528 E. Amber Ridge Way
Phoenix, AZ 85048

Questions?  Call (480)540-7350 or email gbn@ndloop.org

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